The Two Italian Mamas

The Two Italian Mamas

 Hi! Our names are Kathy & Trish. We are a mother daughter duo that created the hashtag #thetwoitalianmamas during COVID. Obviously, we are Italian. And a little Greek too. 

Kathy (mom) was born and raised in Long Island, NY. Moved to Florida in the 80’s However, by her accent, you’d think she just moved here yesterday. 

Trish (daughter) was born in Long Island, NY raised in Florida from age 6.

Being locked in during Covid and sharing our lives, we were having fun doing random videos on our iPhones. It was a great way to be “out” during the lockdowns. In a way, it also became a part of our healing. Our family had suddenly, with no warning lost our patriarch – husband, dad, papa also known as BG.  

We had no idea that people would start looking forward to them. To our surprise, the hashtag  #thetwoitalianmamas took off.  

The time has now come for us to return and may we humbly say, “by popular demand.” So grab your seatbelts and join us for the ride! We’re winging it!